Wanaka Kiwi Holiday Park & Motels Staff Induction Quiz

Wanaka Kiwi Holiday Park & Motels Staff Induction Quiz

Health and Safety Responsibilities

Who has responsibility for health and safety? *

What are your responsibilities as an employee? *

Employees have the right to refuse work if they: *

Who would you approach with any health and safety issues? *

As an employee I understand “reasonably practicable” to means doing: *

Emergency Preparedness

If you discover a fire, you must *

What actions do you take if a building alarm sounds? *

Health and Safety Hazards and Risks

A “hazard” is anything that through exposure might: *

A health and safety risk to our company is when there is the potential for: *

The most effective way to prevent long term injuries associated with the use of a computer workstation is *

Which of the following activities is considered safe when accessing items on a high shelf? *

Slips, trips and falls in the workplace can be prevented by: *

Managing Accidents and Incidents

Why must you report incidents and accidents? *

If you sustain an injury at work, what must you do and who do you notify? *

It is my responsibility to prevent accidents from occurring by: *