Birdwood Induction Quizzes

Sale & Supply of Liquor

Four (4) signs of Intoxication are: *

People using fake ID’s can now be held accountable. Which two (2) of the following uses can result in offence? *

Under the new Act, how old must a licenced manager be? *

The “three strikes” process is put in place to prosecute licensees or managers that offend three (3) times in any three (3) years. What is the maximum cancellation of licence if this occurs? *

What MUST always be made available free of charge to On-licence and Club-licence customers during licenced hours? *

What are the new hours that apply to businesses that sell alcohol? (such as bars, pubs and nightclubs) *

How much are the “on the spot fines” for people that present a fake ID, using someone else’s Id or having an open container of alcohol in a public area? *

What size is the largest container that spirits can be sold in (under an On Licence) before it becomes an offence? *

A manager has the ability to refuse entry to a Licensing Inspector *

Armed Hold Up

What do most robbers want during a robbery situation? *

After there has been an armed robbery at your store, what should you do straight away? *

If you see someone acting suspiciously outside your store you should do what? *

What can be the higher risk times of the day regarding the possibility of a robbery? *

What do the letters COOP stand for? *

What thing can you do to help yourself cope during a robbery? *

Passive body language can make you safer during a robbery. What does this mean? *

What should you do if you are aware there is a problem with any security equipment at your store? *

When confronted by a robber with a weapon at the check-out, you should do what? *

Select the best example of 'Positive Mental Self Talk' *

The safest way to get accurate descriptive information about a suspect or offender is to *

Who needs to take charge after the robbers are gone? *

Health and Safety Responsibilities

Who has responsibility for health and safety? *

What are your responsibilities as an employee? *

Employees have the right to refuse work if they: *

Who would you approach with any health and safety issues? *

As an employee I understand “reasonably practicable” to means doing: *

What actions do you take if a building alarm sounds? *

If you discover a fire, you must *

A “hazard” is anything that through exposure might: *

A health and safety risk to our company is when there is the potential for: *

Which of the following activities is considered safe when accessing items on a high shelf? *

Slips, trips and falls in the workplace can be prevented by: *

Why must you report incidents and accidents? *

It is my responsibility to prevent accidents from occurring by: *

If you sustain an injury at work, what must you do and who do you notify? *